Motto: Only the strong survive.

A male-dominated society, the survivors of a warrior race. Few women last long on this desolate planet. But mating does take place. Jotar males thrive on war and aggressive confrontation. They are indoctroinated into survival of the fittiest from the moment they are first able to walk.

This warrior race was eventually hunted from their own world and settled on Jotar. A rugged world, primitive at best. Unlike the Ebonnian Sangorrians, this race will not yield to conformity; they refused to dilute their savage natures. But it was determined that in order to survive they would need to come to an agreement with the civilizations in their own star system. Thus pacts and agreements were formed. One such trade agreement was with the Sangorrians and thus Jotar warriors are provided through contract to the Sangorrians for added protection of their females. In exchange the Sangorrians provide trade goods such as wine, silver from the mines, timber to build, etc., to the Jotars. No interspecies matings occur between Jotar warriors and Sangorrians. It is forbidden.

Jotar warriors mate male to male (known as a Tandem). A female is introduced into the relationship to bear children. Only by receiving the combined seed of both men can she bear a warrior child from the union. This alliience is called the Triad Alliance Mating Equalizer (TAME Unit). The female is referred to as the bonti female (bond tie) between the Tandem.

The bonti female is chosen from female captives who are considered strong, healthy, and ferrtile. Rather than sold on the slave market, these females are transferred to the Equalizer Compound. When the Triad Mating Cycle is decreed by the Jotar Breed Triumvirate the pair with visit the Compound and choose their bonti woman in order to procreate.








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