Mentaria's Creation


A world in myth created by the fertility goddess, Mentaria. Mentaria had two children sired by Zadolan, the trickster god.

Zadolan was known for his habit of donning a form that would be pleasing to young maidens. Mentaria had boasted to her sister that she would never be fooled by the trickster god and, of course, hearing her proclamation, he set out to do just that.

He came to her as she bathed in a spring, having taken the form of a strong black unicorn with a golden horn and glittering silver eyes. Taken by surprise, she had never seen such a beautiful or elegant creature, and she arose from the spring unable to resist the stunning creature.

He waited quietly as she stroked his silky coat and mane and caressed his shining horn. He nuzzled his proud head against her breasts causing her nipples to tighten causing foreign feelings of desire he knew she would be unable to resist. As she was consumed and overwhelmed by his attentions, he shifted into the form of a beautiful young man and she lay with him upon the soft blanket of grass.

Zadolan rested between her pur white thighs, pressing his cock into her virgin passage. Deeper and deeper, piercing her tender barrier, burrowing deep inside. Mentaria's body welcomed him, and when his seed flooded her womb, she revelled in the pleasurable sensationst, meeting his saturation with her own climax of passion. She pulled him close and as she looked deep into his eyes, it was only then she saw the trickster hidden behind the mast and she was struck with horror at the realization that it was Zadolan who had taken her virginity and impregnated her with his seed.

He gazed down at her triumphantly, pressed his lips firmly to hers and then disappeared, leaving her alone and empty, as though he had never been snugly sheathed inside her willing body. As the Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood, there had been no doubt whatsoever that her body would accept and fertilize the seed of the hated trickster.

And so she had borne him not one child, but two--a daughter and a son, who constantly fought to outdo the other. They each yearned to be the best loved by Mentaria, yet with Zadolan for their sire, they sought to garner her attention in devious ways reminiscent of their parent.

Mentaria's namesake planet was a world of dark and light. Because of her anger at the way Zadolan had deluded and used her, it remained a stark planet with little evidence of the lush vegetation it was truly capable of producing.

In order to stop the bickering of her children, she gave each of them half the planet to oversee. The dark half went to the daughter and the light half to the son. Yet it did not halt their bickering as she had hoped. So Mentaria created life on the planet--a being that would be fertile only when the moon was full in the sky. Dominion of this creature was to be shared by the son and the daughter--a gendershifter, who changed with the revolutions of the world offering each of her offspring an equal chance at complete control of the species the Goddess had created.

This creature had an aggressive and a passive side, it was both male and female. Offspring of the creature were the basis of the Heshee tribe, so called because of their nature. They were created from the anger of Mentaria. Hatred existed between the siblings and in hatred were the descendants of the first Heshee made.

A Heshee does not maintain control of the change, it is guided by the turnings of the world and the Goddess's whim. When in full moon phase, the Heshee are fertile, yet any mating with another Heshee proves fruitless. Only through the mating with the son or daughter of the Goddess when they are most fertile may the Heshee bear children. Thus, for the most part, they had remained barren for eons, a tribe sparsely scattered, it's survival only at the whim of the children of the Goddess..

Andso it remained until the birth of a third child to Mentaria--one born of love and pleasure--a gift of Lazoria, the Goddess of Love. Upon this child's maturity, Mentaria again divided the planet--this time into thirds, and she relented in her control of propagation, now leaving it fully in the hands of her offspring. A mating would bear loving fruit if it was with a descendent of the third child of the goddess--a child created in pleasure who sought no gain for itself but that of love. A child born of the offspring of the children of Zadolan only brought hatred and unrest.

Thus, the tribe of the third child was known as the Golden Tribe of Mentaria.

Mentaria had relented insofar as she had decreed that only by mating with a descendent of the third child when the moon was in eclipse, which occurs once a year, is the mating considered a golden meld. If, at that time the Heshee is in female cycle, the Heshee gene is recessive and the child shall exhibit wholly the characteristics of the tribe of the third child and shall be taken to live with the the Golden Tribe and treated with love and kindness.. If the Heshee is in male cycle when mating with one of the Golden Tribe, the child shall remain with the Heshee Tribe.

The Heshee await the birth of the one who will bring the tribes together. As they are now, they are a divided people with the Heshee driven by hate and lust in constant turmoil and battling amongst themselves. The birth of the one marked by the Goddess will redeem them so they might live in peace with a leader who will show them the way to peaceful coexistence. Vanquishment of the children of Zadolan is what it will take to succeed.

Zadolan, although barred from Mentaria, watches and waits as well. What is wrought on Mentaria is through his doing, through his seed, he will not stand by and see it altered. He is barred from touching the third child of Mentaria or any descendents of that child, but being the trickster that he is, he will find another way to maintain the unease and unrest of the planet.







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