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The Zytarri Star System located in the Aurora Nebulon Galaxy consists of one crimson sun, and the known planets of Hellsiod, Avion, Mentaria, Zadolan, Jotar, Luzoria, Illumata, Ebonnia, Kimatra, and Rosmodian, as well as an assortment of comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

Ebonnia, Jotar, Zadolan, and Illumata are known at this time to support civilizations. Ebonnia's largest population are Sangorrians. Jotar is a war planet and treaties have been established with the neighborning planets. Zadolan is inhabited for the most part by criminals. Illumata is inhabited by a people who seek peace and remain neutral.

It is a world far, far from our own, inhabited by species very different species from us. Or are they so different?






Leora Saguna

Mistress Leora Saguna of the House of Leah. A Sangorrian female, who is also a Blood Huntress.



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Alien vampire culture. Visit the Zytarri star system and meet the Sangorrian race.

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