The House of Leah


Leora Seguna, Mistress of the House of Leah

Current head matriarch of the House of Leah. Her Primary Alpha Predominant, Adrik was assassinated before their daughter, Katriel, was born. Swearing a blood oath to avenge his death, she became a Blood Huntress. It was during this time that she encountered Noah Chisca. As there can only ever be one Prime Alpha to a Sangorrian female, he accepted the role of Secondary Attendant to Leora, and has continued to serve at her side and act in the role of sire to Katriel, Leora's daughter.

Noah Chisca

Formerly a mercenary and bounty hunter, born on the planet Zadolan, when he first saw Leora Saguna, his life changed. Tracking her for the bounty, and then saving her life, he accepted the role of Secondary Attendant and has never regretted it.

Katriel Saguna

Daughter and heir to Leora Saguna, Matriarch of the House of Leah. An attempt has been made on her life and it is now time for her to bond with an Alpha chosen by her mother. She yearns for independence, but knows that as a Sangorrian and as heiress to the House of Leah, there are responsibilities she must accept.

Valyn Ozera

Formerly an Eclipsian Apprentice from the planet Illumata, he has come to Ebonnia to become the Primary Alpha to Katriel Saguna. He is determined to meet any challenge to succeed in claiming her.








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