A Brief History of the Bloodhunters (Sangorrians)

According to the Book of Druda


The original Sangorrians were the last of a genetically-altered species who were systematically being annihilated by the inhabitants of their own planet (Tarrus). They were considered parasites that existed on the blood of the population. Their chemistry was altered in such a way as to allow them to drain the blood of their victims quickly and efficiently. Their chemistry had been modified to such an extent that for their own survival they must ingest blood in order to live.

The scientists on Tarrus played with their genetic makeup until they had in effect created a monster of beings rather than the army of unbeatable assassins they had been assigned the task to create.

Slow integration of a manufactured foreign element called the Trine Factor was introduced into the bloodstream of selected candidates. This Trine Factor attached itself to the white blood cells and eventually dominated and merged into an altered, stronger gray cell known as the G-cell. Thus it created a new species of beings called Bloodhunters.

This G-cell dominated in the bloodstream and called for constant infusions of fresh pure white cells or they would begin to feed on each other for nourishment, causing constant explosions of excruciating pain to the host as they fought for survival. Infusing the bloodstream with fresh white cells obtained through direct consumption sent a rush of hot pleasure through the host becoming an addictive habit to feed voraciously from their victims increasing the length of time they would retain the feelings of euphoria and heightened pleasure, free of pain.

In the beginning they were a controllable hybrid, but as time went on and they became a separate species encouraged with matings, they became uncontrollable in their thirst for pure blood. This need for blood was woven into their makeup. Finally, they broke free of their captors.

It was not a requirement that they drain a victim completely to survive, but once begun, the process of imbibing and the rush attained through the feeding brought on a frenzy of need and desire it was difficult to control and there were many who had no wish to assert control of the thirst. The feeling of omnipotence after draining a body was an addictively heady experience many refused to abstain from. To not ingest meant a slow, painful, lingering death.

There were other side effects of the genetic alteration as the presence of the anomaly within the bloodstream took control. The subtle alteration changed the chemistry completely. Feeding from another Bloodhunter magnified the predatory nature, but did not replenish the supply of white blood cells needed to survive--that must come from other species--almost any other species would do in the rampant desire for survival.

Many tried to fight the effects, but if they did not receive the blood they craved within a proscribed period of time, the G-cells would take over sending them in many cases into a hunting frenzy.

It was found over the course of generations that Bloodhunters developed enhanced day and night vision, enhanced hearing and sense of smell, increased strength and speed of movement, extended lifespan, and in some cases the ability to communicate telepathically with another who shared their blood. On the other hand the rays of the yellow sun caused a reaction on the skin similar to the effect of abstinence of feeding, causing weakness and excruciating pain, and in some cases blindness.

Eventually a full-scale order for extermination went out across the Valatrin Galaxy. Once the extermination order was released and bounties placed on the heads of the Bloodhunters, one desperate group went underground, determined to find a way to survive. Some Tarrians who knew the history of the Bloodhunters and came to know this particular group--some who even loved and mated with them--hid and protected them, willing to lay down their lives if it became necessary. This group of Bloodhunters wanted more for what remained of their kind, but to find it among a people where the maority had come to fear and hate them and sought only to kill them would never happen.

There were those who allowed themselves to be ruled by the call of the blood, but there were others, like this underground group--educated, civilized, who fought the calling as best they could, who wanted a normal life for themselves and their children. So a plan was formed. A hope of escape.

A small group of one hundred Bloodhunters and a like number of loyal Terrians escaped in four space ships bound for a planet at the outer reaches of the Valatrin Galaxy, hopefully far enough away to allow them a chance to begin a new life.

As ever, there was a traitor in their midst and word of their plan to escape filtered back to those that hunted them and they were chased across the galaxy. After one particularly fierce attack, the main ship was hit with a crippling blast. They limped through space knowing their time was almost at an end and all chance of escape lost, but they would not give up, even knowing it was only a matter of time before they were destroyed completely with no hope of survival. In this they prayed to their god, Druda, for guidance.

The miracle appeared before them in the shape of a worm hole. With little expectation of escape, they turned the ship into its core. Like a closing fist it collapsed behind them, shutting off the avenue by which they had been pursued, as well as their pursuers. They had no idea where it would lead, or if they would live to find an exit, but hope again began to glimmer inside them. At least one ship of Bloodhunters made it through.

When they came out the other side and the hole collapsed and disapeared behind them, they were in a place uncharted on any Tarrian map. It would hopefully offer a chance at life beyond being forever hunted.

They found themselves in a wonderful new world as they came upon a planet ringed by silvery vaporous rings. To navigate through the thick, dangerous terrain of each of the five rings took great skill and courage, and a lot of luck as large chunks of rock and ice soared around them. Eventually they came to a halt through a rough landing on rocky terrain. They could only hope the atmosphere would support them and not be toxic to their life form.

This was a new world, deserving of a new name--Ebonnia--named for the ancient goddess of dreams. They would no longer be known as Bloodhunters, parasites of Tarrus, but reborn of a new society on the day they landed in this new world.

Thus, it is written in the Book of Druda...








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