Ebonnia, eighth planet from the crimson sun and named for the goddess of dreams and the subconscious, is a planet surrounded by silvery rings made up of ice particles and gaseous matter protecting it to some extent from the full effects of the red sun. It is the perfect environment for a species which has fled from their own planet and has unique needs in order to survive.

The majority of the planet surface is made up of a matter that does not allow for long-term use of technologically advanced equipment, therefore the civilization, beyond the protected surface of the Tauduet Oasis, relies on less complex machinery for this agricultural-based society.

The Sangorrian Continent is the largest continent on Ebonnia. It is ruled over by the fourteen Sangorrian Houses, made up of the now thriving civilization which settled and cultivated the planet centuries before. Originally from the planet Tarrus in the Valantrin Galaxy, they are a genetically-altered species who were systematically being hunted and annihiliated by the inhabitants of their own planet--being the result of an experiment gone out of control.

Once branded Bloodhunters by their own people, they fled their own world and by entering a wormhole which brought them to the Zytarri Star System, they were able to alter their destinies and find safe haven.

There are four continents on Ebonnia: Sangorria, Lorivar, Ariatta, Tridad, and Sellion. All interplanetary transportation enters and exits the planet at Onyx City in the Tauduet Oasis at the eastern edge of the Sangorrian continent.






Leora Saguna

Mistress Leora Saguna of the House of Leah. A Sangorrian female, who is also a Blood Huntress.


Ruling Houses on the Sangorrian Continent

The Seven Houses of the Crimson Sun

located in the Aurora Valley,

a matriachal society

House of Allegra

House of Briana

House of Corinne

House of Leah

House of Electra

House of Galatea

House of Cleantha

The Seven Houses of the Twin Moons

located in the Darlinean Mountain Range

a patriarchal society

House of Glyn

House of Chadrick

House of Favion

House of Dax

House of Blayne

House of Asher

House of Roden


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